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Anyone who has been rafting more than once and who has truly been bitten by the river bug knows who they are. We truly enjoy the postcards and emails we get from our returning rafters as they remind us of our own all-consuming passion for white water.

Whether you make an annual pilgrimage to the water every year with your group of friends or just like to occasionally get back on the water and hear that familiar shout of "Forward, HARD FORWARD" from your guide as you pull your raft through that hole, we have the trip for you. If you're doing Class V runs, you must look at the Class V Warm-Up.

Here are some great runs for Intermediate to Advanced Rafters:

California River Locations:   Northern   Central   Southern-Central   Southern

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Kern River

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  1. Forks of the Kern - Wilderness Juggernaut
    Class V - 2 or 3 Days
  2. Thunder Run
    Class V - 1 Day
  3. INFO Kern River
American River

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  1. Middle Fork American River Blaster
    Class II-IV - 1 or 2 Days
  2. North Fork American River Thriller
    Class IV+ - 1 Day
  3. INFO American River
Kaweah River

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  1. Kaweah River Sequoia Getaway
    Class IV+ - 2 Days
  2. Kaweah River Sequoia Shooter
    Class IV+ - 1 Day
  3. INFO Kaweah River
Merced River

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  1. Merced River - Foam Dancer
    Class IV - 2 Days
  2. Merced River - Wild Water
    Class IV - 1 Day
  3. INFO Merced River
Tuolumne River

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  1. Tuolumne River Classic
    Class IV - 1, 2, 2½ or 3 Days
  2. INFO Tuolumne River
Yuba River

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  1. North Yuba River - Shangri-La!
    Class IV-V - 2 Days
  2. Upper North Yuba River - Class V Alive
    Class V - 1 Day
  3. Upper North Yuba River - Combo
    Class IV-V - 2 Days
  4. INFO Yuba River
Camping | Accommodation

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  1. American - FREE Camping at Whitewater Voyages' River Park Adventure Campground the day before and/or the day after you go on a trip with us - Full Amenities.
  1. Free and Fee Camping | Motels | Hotels | B&B
    Camping and Lodging near our California Rivers
  2. Other Camping | Lodging | Information Links
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WWV Guide School | Class V Warm-Up | Whitewater Lingo
Have you ever considered a full week of pounding, throbbing waves, holes and drops? Check out our Whitewater Guide School. You don't have to be planning a career in guiding to have a blast learning the water from a guide's perspective - we have first timers join us all the time!
If you're thinking about doing Class V, you must check out the Class V Warm-Up.
And if you want to have some fun, check out our Whitewater Lingo for some familiar "river speak" which will remind you how much fun river trips can be. So get ready to get wet, get wild and "Paddle or Die!". We want your next trip with us to be the best ever!

To check availability and / or make your reservation, either call our friendly and helpful staff at 800-400-7238
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Other River Trips You Might Like:

Lower Kern River Jungle Run
Class III – 1 Day

Lower Kern River Big Water
Class IV – 1 Day

Lower Kern River Southern Sierra Escape
Class III-IV – 2 Days

Upper Kern River Snap, Crackle and Pop
Class III-IV – 1/2 to 1 Day

Upper Kern River Half Day (Dazzler)
Class III-IV

Forks of the Kern
Class V – 2 and 3 Days

Kings River Mega Joy Ride
Class III+ – 2 Days

Whitewater Guide School

Group Trips

" Our good friend Craig invited 15 friends along to celebrate his 50th birthday on a May 17th Whitewater Voyage trip to the Upper Kern. And a great day it was! The thrills were intense. Roger Thorsvold was the guide for my raft and did an outstanding job. Although we had no prior raft experience, he trained us quickly and got us working as a team. Thank you Roger and thanks also to leader Nick and photographer Wade for a fantastic trip! "
- Bob Jensen
Santa Barbara, California

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