Merit Badge Forms for River Rafting Scouts

MERIT BADGE FORMS – Scouts get your 20% Scout Discount

Please download your Merit Badge Workbooks and Merit Badge Application forms should you need them. Whitewater Voyages can supply these also on site:

Download the Whitewater Merit Badge Workbook

This workbook can help you but you still need to read the merit badge pamphlet (book). Requirements revised: 2006, Workbook updated: May 2009.

Download the Merit Badge Application Form

A merit badge application can be approved only by a registered merit badge counselor. Merit badge applications must be signed in advance by the applicant's unit leader.

Download Helpful Scouting Links - Merit Badge Related

Here you find links to merit badge related information which includes: Boy Scouts of America – Whitewater Merit Badge Information, American Whitewater Safety Code, BSA Safety Afloat, BSA Health Form

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" My father and I did the July 4th trip on the lower kern and it was great. We both had a blast. The food was good, the people were nice, and the guides were great! Thanks "
- Alex Gardner
La Grange, Kentucky

" We had a blast on the middle fork of the American on Sunday. Got within 30 yards of a large black bear. And really enjoyed the day with our guide 'Bean' thanks again. GREAT TRIP!!!! "
- Blake Ridgway
Santa Rosa, California

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