Class V Warm-Up

Trips on the following Whitewater Voyages rivers require all paddlers to participate in the Class V Warm Up immediately prior to starting their trip:

California River Location:   Southern   Northern

  1. Thunder Run
  2. Forks of the Kern
  1. Upper North Yuba
  2. North Yuba 2 Day Combo
Mountains of whitewater fun on the Yuba River

Rafting Class V rapids and waterfalls requires wholehearted participation and team work - and paddlers who are in good physical condition. Previous rafting experience is strongly recommended, but not always required.

Before each trip, everyone participates in a Class V Warm-Up which includes:

  • Stretching
  • Running in please
  • Calisthenics
  • Swimming across a Class II-III Rapid
  • Class V Safety and Paddle Talk
Flipped Raft Drill

Class V rafting is strenuous and adventurous, so be sensible. Use this Class V Warm-Up to determine your own readiness to paddle Class V. If you cannot participate in this warm-up, but want to paddle, plase select one of our many less difficult trips. We reserve the right to turn away those who we feel are not well suited to these high adventure Class V trips. In such cases, there is a 50% credit applicable to another trip.

At the river expect to participate in this warm-up. Also, understand that at the trip leader's discretion, we may shorten or dispense with the warm-up's land portions in order to concentrate on: swimming in and out of swift currents, catching eddies, swimming through holes, flipped raft drills, which include swimming underwater from one side of the raft to the other, high-siding and toss bag practice. On the Forks of the Kern the hike to the put-in generally substitutes for the land portion of the warm-up.

Participating in the Class V warm-up in no way certifies your ability to successfully tackle Class V or guarantees your safety on Class V, it simply gives you and us a somewhat better sense of your readiness for a Class V trip.

We reserve the right to substitute oar/paddle combinations for paddle boats.

Class V paddle expeditions are not recommended for anyone with a medical condition which might in any way affect his or her ability to give 100% throughout the expedition.

" Wendy and group, Great day on the North Yuba (Goodyear Bar Run). Maytag was a total trip. Holly you did a super job as guide. Whitewater Voyages is the only way to go. I will use you all again. "
- Bruce Richardson
Reno, Nevada

" The Kings was the first river I ever ran. It was loads of fun, yet mellow enough for just about anyone, even my scaredy-cat wife! I highly recommend it! "
- Eric Creaux

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" I'm most honored to have had the chance to be with such dedicated, experienced guides on your whitewater school. Back at work, my mind wanders constantly to images of the past week, where I literally soaked it all in. It's hard to believe I was in school... more like a vacation. "
- Sean Morris

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