Company Policies and Booking Information

  1. General and Medical Liability and Release Forms
  2. Minors Under Age 18 - Release Form
  3. Minimum Ages
  4. Photographic Release
  5. If you change rivers after booking
  6. Discount Offers
  7. Cancellation Policies
  8. Trip Cancellation Insurance
  9. Alcohol Policy
  10. Equipment Sizes and Language Considerations
  11. Returned Checks
  12. Other Legal Notices

General and Medical Liability - Release Forms

We make every effort to provide you the finest, most fun-filled trip possible. Our staff will give instructions before each trip and it is important that you listen and follow their instructions. You will assume responsibility for many decisions affecting your safety during this trip. These activities can be physically demanding with inherent elements of risk and danger beyond our control.

You must sign a release form and go at your own risk. We offer trips requiring various degrees of fitness. We are not qualified to evaluate your fitness so you must evaluate your fitness as appropriate for any given trip. If you are overweight, or in poor physical condition, you should consult with your physician before the trip.

People with a history of heart trouble, asthma, epilepsy, allergy to bee stings, or any other potentially serious medical condition should consult their doctor before coming on a rafting trip. For safety and liability reasons, we advise pregnant women not to participate in any of our activities. We do not assume liability for personal injury or deaths.

Please leave valuables at home. We cannot assume responsibility for your possessions or for vehicles (and their contents) parked during the trip.

Medical Condition Alert: Bring Your Own Medication

Our staff is prepared to provide basic first aid, but we are prohibited by law from providing, and we are not trained to administer medications or advanced medical care. So, all clients with medical conditions such as susceptibility to anaphylactic shock from bee stings, etc., should bring and keep handy and inform their guide(s) about their own medication/anaphylactic kit.

Minors Under Age 18

Minors under 18 not accompanied by their parent or legal guardian must bring to the river a release form signed by their parent or legal guardian. Adults accompanying minors must also sign the release as a verification of the parent/guardian signature.

Minimum Ages

Minimum ages for each river and run are listed on our web page, in our brochure and possibly in other locations, and are there for the safety of your children. They are used as a guideline only; a child who is exceptionally small for their age may not be suitable for a particular rafting run, a particularly high- or low-water run, and/or may not fit correctly into our life jackets.

There are many factors to consider, the most important of which is the safety of your child, you, and others on the trip. The final decision as to the suitability of a child for a trip at a given flow will be left with that trip's Trip Leader and/or the area manager on duty on the day of your trip.

Photographic Release

Whitewater Voyages reserves the right to take photographic, film or video records of any Whitewater Voyages tour, program, or river trip, and each trip member agrees that Whitewater Voyages may use such photographic, film or video records for promotional and/or commercial purposes.

Discount Offers

We regularly offer youth, senior and group discounts. Note please that no discounts are offered on the Kern River Saturday starts, clean-up trips or other special or already discounted trips. One discount per person.

  • Youth/Senior Prices:
    Prices for youth 16 and under and 65 and older receive a 10% discount.
  • Group Rates:
    Groups of 12 or more receive a 20% discount.
  • For complete information about all of our discounts and specials,
    check out our Super Deals.

Any other discounts offered as "specials," or through advertisements, promotions, affiliated clubs, organizations or businesses must be specifically requested by name when making a reservation. No retroactive discounts will be applied after a trip has been booked, confirmed, or completed. All such discounts are subject to expiration, restriction or withdrawal without notice.

If You Decide To Change Rivers/Dates

In lieu of cancellation, a change in trip dates, or rivers, will be accommodated (providing space is availableon on your alternate choice of trips) at no penalty to you if:

       1.  The change occurs 14 or more days prior to the originally booked trip date.  If the change occurs less than 14 days prior to the original trip date, there will be a processing fee of $15 per person, up to a maximum total charge of $60 per reservation.


       2.  The change does not result in cancellation of the originally booked trip for other            clients due to the trip falling below the minimum number of persons required to run a trip.  A change that causes cancellation of the original trip for other clients is treated as a cancellation and cancellation fees apply as outlined below.

If You Need To Cancel Your Trip

Advance payments are non-refundable should you cancel.

According to the time frame in which you cancel, a cancellation fee will be assessed and the remaining balance of monies paid toward the cancelled space will be issued either as a refund or trip credit (trip credits are good towards a future Whitewater Voyages trip):

  • Cancellation occurs 10 or fewer days prior to trip date
    50% Cancellation Fee, 50% Trip Credit
  • Cancellation occurs 11 to 30 days prior to trip date
    20% Cancellation Fee, 80% Trip Credit
  • Cancellation occurs 31 or more days prior to trip date
    20% Cancellation Fee, 80% Refund
  • No-Shows/Late Arrivals - No refunds or trip credits will be given for "no-show" or late-arriving guests that miss the trip departure--in such cases all monies paid to Whitewater Voyages are forfeited.

Cancellation fees, trip credits, and refunds are calculated only on actual money amounts paid to Whitewater Voyages toward the cancelled trip space. Expenses incurred in association with your planned trip, or monies paid to other vendors/facilities in connection with your cancelled trip, are not the responsibility or liability of Whitewater Voyages. Any refunds issued are done so in the same method that the client payment was submitted to Whitewater Voyages.

Persons may be substituted within a reservation without penalty.

We regret that exceptions cannot be made for personal emergencies or illness. For this reason we urge our guests to purchase trip cancellation insurance when making a reservation. Trip cancellation insurance is available through Travel Insured International, Inc., 800-243-3174.

If We Have To Cancel A Trip

We almost always follow through with our plans. However, we reserve the right to cancel a trip (non performance) or make changes in itinerary if necessary due to weather conditions, water fluctuations, or other factors beyond our control. Outright cancellation is unlikely, but if we are forced to cancel your trip, you may choose between:

  • An alternate, comparable river itinerary (or)
  • 100% Whitewater Voyages credit for use on a future trip.

In such cases, refunds will be limited to the amounts actually paid to Whitewater Voyages and shall not be extended to cover any other costs incurred by the trip member.

Trip Cancellation Insurance

We strongly recommend investing in this affordable coverage, available through Travel Insured International, Inc. (1-800-243-3174), which provides trip cancellation, accident, illness, and baggage protection covering the cost of your rafting trip, lodging, airfare, etc., and reimbursement for the non-refundable portion of your arrangements should you have to cancel for a reason covered by the policy.

Returned Checks

We charge $25 for all returned checks.

Alcohol Policy

We do not prohibit alcohol—clients may furnish their own alcohol for personal consumption. We ask that alcohol consumption be limited to off-the-water time at the conclusion of the rafting day. As has always been our policy, alcohol is strictly forbidden while rafting or engaged in any river activity. While permitting clients to bring beverages that suit their personal preference, we do ask that a sense of moderation prevail—especially in the presence of minors.

Equipment Sizes

Each participant must fit into one of our lifejackets with all buckles fastened. Our lifejackets fit a maximum torso circumference of 52 inches.

Language Considerations

For safety reasons on Class IV and V, all participants must be able to understand our safety talk and guide's instructions, which are normally delivered in English. Japanese-, Spanish-, and Russian-speaking guides are available by special arrangement. On Class III and easier rivers, non-English speakers are most welcome and, unless other arrangements are made, must bring an interpreter.

Accuracy of Information

All information on this web site and in our printed brochure is subject to change. While we do our best in putting together the information presented in the Whitewater Voyages web site, we cannot be held responsible for its ultimate accuracy and completeness. Call the office to confirm all dates, trips, availability, prices and policies.

Equal Opportunity

Whitewater Voyages is an equal opportunity outfitter providing employment and services on a non-discriminatory basis. In accordance with federal law and U.S. Department of Agriculture policy, this institution is prohibited from discriminating on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age or disability. (Not all prohibited bases apply to all programs.) To file a complaint of discrimination: Write USDA, Director, Office of civil Rights, Room 326-W, Whitten Building, 1400 Independence Avenue, SW, Washington, D.C. 20250-9410 or call (202) 720 5964 (voice and TDD). USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

Notice of Special Use Permits

Whitewater Voyages operates under special use permits from the Bureau of Land Management, California Department of Parks and Recreation, El Dorado County, Yuba County Water Agency, Tulare County, Army Corps of Engineers, and the following National Forests: Sequoia, Sierra, Stanislaus, El Dorado and Tahoe.

Copyright Notice

This entire website is Copyright © 2008 Whitewater Voyages. All rights reserved. Photographs are Copyright Whitewater Voyages and/or their respective photographers, and may not be reproduced without permission.

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Group Trips

" The 'Crawford Clan' of five had an awesome time on the North Fork of the American with Dan as our guide. Ian, Dan, Peter, and Glen were all excellent guides, friendly folks, and incredible people to hang out with. Our four boat posse only saw one other raft on the water all day, the water level was high and intense, and our guides took care of us while having fun right along with us. The offering of a free campsite was perfect for us city dwellers, and only added to our incredible journey. Chris, Zack, Brock, Monique, and our planner Mike all thank you kindly! "
- Chris
San Francisco, California

" We had a blast on the middle fork of the American on Sunday. Got within 30 yards of a large black bear. And really enjoyed the day with our guide 'Bean' thanks again. GREAT TRIP!!!! "
- Blake Ridgway
Santa Rosa, California

" My daughters and I have just had the best vacation ever, thanks to the staff of Whitewater Voyages! We were on your Tuolumne River trip on August 26-28. The weather was perfect and the river and side streams were absolutely incredible. But what made it all work was the teamwork of the guides and chef. Our heartfelt thanks to all of these marvelous people for making our trip truly memorable. "
- Ann C. Lynch

" Awesome trip!!! This was our first time rafting and we had a great time. Our guide, Pat, was funny, informative, safety-conscious, and a great cook. Oh, and thanks for plucking my wife from what she was sure would be her watery demise - and then making sure she felt secure enough to charge Tunnel Chute the next day. That was key. We're definitely going with Whitewater Voyages next time. They were so good that I can only imagine that all the other rafting companies must suck! p.s. I'M SAUCY!!! "
- Curtis and Pam Fong
Corte Madera, California

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