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March 1, 2002
Paddler Magazine

River Signals Standardized

Paddler magazine article Ever find yourself frantically yelling across a roaring river, making panicked gestures about searching for a lost paddler, and it finally dawns on you that your buddy's just trying to say he's forgotten the beer cooler? While river signals and whistle blasts can bridge the communication gap, there have been as many different signals as there are reasons to use them. Thankfully, a paddler has stepped forward with a dictionary of river signals designed to topple this tower of Babel. River Signals, by Whitewater Voyages founder Bill McGinnis, was written to standardize signals, covering such situations as scouting drops, organizing a group, river etiquette, missing people and even blind swimmers. "If we'd had this book 30 years ago, we could have avoided some pretty hair situations," says McGinnis. Based on current universal signals and many new ones inspired by signing, the language of the deaf, McGinnis' signals are "designed to be intuitive, that is, understandable at first glance." And it comes at a price ($5.95) even non-communicating boaters can afford. Info: (800) 400-7238.

River Signals for white water rafting

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