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South Fork American River rafting -- California's most popular whitewater rafting trip, near Sacramento, CA.

California’s favorite river:
The South Fork
of the American

The absolute best one- or two-day river trip for beginners and families with young kids. Explore & book »

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Middle Fork American River rafting -- Sacramento-area whitewater rafting

Step up to the
Class IV
Middle Fork

A one- or two-day class IV adventure for charged-up first-timers and experienced rafters alike. Explore & book »

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North Fork American River rafting -- Sacramento-area whitewater rafting

The stunning
North Fork
American River canyon,

a deep, sheer gorge of class IV+ whitewater. Explore & book »

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American River Rafting

Popular whitewater rafting near Sacramento—an easy day trip from the San Francisco Bay Area

The American River: where California learns to raft. Sacramento’s nearest whitewater rafting—an easy day trip from the San Francisco Bay Area—these rugged canyons form one of the most popular rafting destinations in the United States.

For American information and to make reservations, call (800) 488-7238

For other general questions, call (800) 400-RAFT

Camp for free at our fabulous Adventure Camp

PDF Download the River Park Adventure Campground map and guidelines as a PDF. (264 KB)

Free Camping at River Park Adventure Camp,an easy drive from Sacramento, before or after your whitewater rafting tripMany of our rafting guests enjoy spending the night before or the night after their trip. There is a fee of $10.00/night/ person for non-rafting guests. Additional nights may be reserved, pending availability of space, for a fee of $10.00/night/person.

All camping must be reserved in advance.

  • ADVANCE RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED FOR CAMPING! Please call 530-626-5600 to reserve!
  • Check-in is between 5 – 8 PM. If you’ve reserved extra nights of camping and plan on arriving a day before your rafting trip, please check in at the O.A.R.S. River Park Adventure Campground store between 5 – 8 PM. At this time, a staff member will be available to assist you. If your schedule requires you to arrive after 8 PM or if you’re running behind and can’t avoid arriving late, prior arrangements must be made by calling our main office during regular business hours (8 AM – 6 PM). Our phone number is 530-626-5600.
  • Check-in and camp sites are available at 5 PM on your date of arrival.
  • River Park Beach Swimming on the South Fork American RiverPlease clear your campsite by 10 AM if you’re rafting on your departure date. If you’re not rafting on the day of departure, you may occupy your site until 1 PM. You’re not required to leave the campground upon vacating your camp site—you may stay and enjoy activities in the camp or hang out down by the river. We do ask that you pack and empty your camp site by 1 PM on your scheduled departure day.

  • Small (8' x 10') backpacker-type dome tents are recommended. The smaller your tent, the more options you’ll have on where to put it. While in camp, please consolidate your belongings so there’s plenty of room for everyone.
  • Park in the main parking area. Please do not block access to any storage containers.
  • No vehicles are allowed past the parking lot. You’re welcome to use our hand carts to help you move your gear. Please return them as soon as you’re done.
  • By county ordinance, quiet time is between 10 PM and sunrise.
  • Campfires should be built only in the existing fire rings/pans. Fire season is generally over by Memorial Day. Fires and charcoal grills are not permitted per BLM and county ordinances after this day.
  • For cooking, please bring a propane stove or a propane grill. Charcoal grills and fires are prohibited for most of the summer.
  • Please leave our tables, chairs, benches, etc. where they are.
  • Be gentle on our septic system. Don’t try to flush tampons or large amounts of toilet paper down the toilet. Please use the provided bins to dispose of trash.
  • Amplified music is not permitted in order to allow natural sounds to prevail.
  • We’re very sorry, but NO DOGS are allowed at our campground. We love dogs as much as anyone, but we’re unable to accommodate them for a number of reasons. Some of our guests are afraid of dogs, others are allergic and still others disturbed by them at night. And leaving your dog tied up while you’re out rafting for the day is just not fair! Please make other arrangements for your pets, and accept our apologies with this policy.
  • RVs and trailers less than 25 feet long are welcome to be parked in our parking lot, with advance notice. Hook-ups are not available. Generators are strictly prohibited. Ask us about local campgrounds.
  • Leave your valuables at home or lock them in your car during the day. O.A.R.S. cannot be responsible for any damage to your car or anything taken from it. Car keys can be stored in our on-site office while you’re on the river.
  • Tents and sleeping kits are available for rent. Rentals should be arranged in advance of arrival. Please call for prices. Rental options include: sleeping pads ($10 ea), sleep kits (pillow, pillow case, sleeping bag, sleep sheet, sleeping pad) and 3-person tents.
  • O.A.R.S. catered meals may be available for an additional charge. Please call 530-626-5600 for details.
  • Flashlights and/or headlamps are a necessity. Lighting is minimal.

Nearby Restaurant Selections:

Sierra Rizing: Full breakfast, coffee, espresso, baked goods (530) 642-1308
Coloma Club: Full Bar, Full menu. Café open for breakfast (530) 626-6390
Gringo’s: Lunch/dinner. Mexican (530) 295-0100
Marco’s: Pizza/Salads/Beer (530) 642-2025
Café Mahjaic: Gourmet, Dinner (530) 622-9587

Our American River rafting trips:

South Fork American

South Fork American River rafting trips are the family-friendliest in California, located near Sacramento.Incredibly popular whitewater rafting near Sacramento and the San Francisco Bay Area. One- and two-day trips ideal for families and first-timers.

Photos, details and booking information for South Fork American River rafting trips »

Middle Fork American

Tunnel Chute panorama on a Middle Fork American river rafting trip.A step up from the South Fork. Blast down this challenging run in one day and add camping out under the stars.

Middle Fork American River photos, details and booking information »

North Fork American

Chamberlain Falls is a highlight of any North Fork American river rafting trip.World-class whitewater rafting near Sacramento—a spectacular day of Class IV+ in a rugged, remote and beautiful canyon.

North Fork American River photos, details and booking information »

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